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AIG Elite Global IUL, from American General Life Insurance Company, provides solid death benefit protection, and an opportunity for cash value accumulation based, in part, on the performance of three external financial indices: The Standard & Poor’s 500 Composite Price Index (United States), Hang Seng (Hong Kong), and the Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 (Western Europe).

Key Benefits:

  • Strong death benefit protection
  • Competitive values and charges
  • Diversity of 3 global indices
  • Indexed interest credited, based on a 5-year term with automatic overweighting to
  • best-performing indices
  • Flexible allocation choices include excess interest and/or indexed interest options
  • Annual effective minimum guaranteed interest rate of 2.5 percent


All this is backed by the strength and experience of American General Life Insurance Company in the indexed universal life market....

Indexed interest is credited, based on a five-year term, with automatic over-weighting to the two best-performing indices.  At the end of each five-year term, the value of each index is compared to the value at the beginning of that term.  Indexed interest, if any, is calculated using:

  • 75 % of the return of the best-performing index…
  • 25 % of the return of the second-best performing index…
  • The third-best performing index over the period is not used in calculating the amount of  indexed interest to be credited…

If you wish to accumulate cash within a life insurance policy, using above-average premiums, especially using a short-pay strategy, this policy will offer you an extraordinary opportunity to supplement your retirement income, on a tax-free basis!